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Our practice spans the full range of contentious and advisory tax matters, covering Income Tax (Personal and Corporate), Goods and Services Tax, Stamp Duties, International Tax, Property Tax, and Tax Offences. 

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Representative Experience

  • Representing and advising taxpayers on cases involving the taxability of gains from the disposal of assets.
  • Representing and advising taxpayers on the taxability of remuneration received in the context of employment, including shares, options, bonuses, termination payments, etc…
  • Representing and advising taxpayers on cases involving the whole range of potential tax issues relating to digital tokens, such as the income tax, goods and services tax, and stamp duties implications of: 1) creation (mining, forging, sale and purchase, airdrops, and forks); 2) transfer (exchange for goods and services, payment for employment, exchange for other tokens or fiat currency, and fraud); and 3) disposal (burning, loss, and redemption); across all three major types of digital tokens (payment, utility and security tokens).