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Report on the Challenges which Digital
Assets Pose for Tax Systems with a Special Focus on Developing Countries
Our Specialist Counsel, Vincent was commissioned by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social...
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Managing Partner Gerard Cited in The Detroit News
Our Managing Partner, Gerard was consulted by The Detroit News for his views on an interesting case of...
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NFTs: Are They Financial Products?
Our Managing Partner, Gerard and Counsel, Teck Chai recently authored a very interesting piece for the...
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Philanthropic Giving in Singapore: The Tax Landscape
Our Partner, Kit and Specialist Counsel, Vincent recently published an article in Tax Notes International...
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Virtual Worlds, Real Money: Tax Issues in the Metaverse
Our Specialist Counsel Vincent Ooi recently co-authored an article “Virtual Worlds, Real...
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The Curious Case of the 0.1 per cent Service Charge
Our Specialist Counsel, Vincent Ooi recently published an article in the Business Times titled “The...
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Legal Ink LLC Receives Accolades
We are delighted to announce that Legal Ink LLC has received a number of accolades! Our Partner Kit was...
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Buyer Beware: Avoiding Pitfalls When Buying Fine Art
Our Managing Partner Gerard Ng and Specialist Counsel Vincent Ooi recently published an article in the...
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The Tax Governance Framework and the Opportunities it Offers
Taxpayers should always ensure that their tax returns are complete and accurate. While this is a moral...
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Making Singapore a Regional Centre for Philanthropy
Our Partner, Kit and Specialist Counsel, Vincent recently published an article titled “Making Singapore...
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